Pension advice

Pension advice

Do you need pension advice in the Netherlands? Buro Zwiers helps you with your pension questions in a clear and transparent manner. For example: how to start a pension scheme in the Netherlands?

Pension advisor Netherlands

Buro Zwiers is a dedicated independent specialist broker and advisor on employee benefits in the Netherlands. We give advice to employers, works councils and employees. Several international companies with a Dutch entity are serviced by us. 

We can help you to understand our complicated Dutch social security, pension system and regulations. Our customers appreciate our clear and sincere approach and elaborate explanation. We are independent of other suppliers. We can discuss all the possible solutions and their pros and cons.

We can provide a quote for a pension plan for your employees in the Netherlands. 

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Independent pension advice in the Netherlands

We can guarantee independent pension advice through our working method:

  • Your interests are always the top priority.
  • In no way are we tied to suppliers such as banks, insurers, premium pension institutions (PPI), asset managers and direct writers.
  • We are free to provide pension advice. This advice can of course also be that no pension is needed.
  • In addition, we are certified and have excellent professional knowledge. We are also in possession of the professional diploma for pension advice.
  • We are paid exclusively by you.

How much does pension advice cost?

Our pension advice is not paid by commission from any pension provider or bank. We work on a fixed fee, or we are paid per hour. The first meeting is an orientation and on our expenses. Our charges are way cheaper compared to international brokers like AON, Marsh and Willis Towers Watson. But we provide at least the same quality. We are your local partner for Dutch pension plans. 

Start of our pension advice

When you are interested in our services, we start off with a meeting without any obligations. In this first meeting we discuss your question, what the project looks like and our quote for our services. 

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